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Serving the state of North Dakota and Minnesota through in person and telehealth.

YOU-Centered Approach

Counseling tailored to your concerns and lifestyle

  • Post-Partum

    Embracing life's challenges

    You have added to your family! Its exciting! Its overwhelming! Many mother's, father's, and partners struggle with mood concerns from difficulty sleeping despite feeling tired, increased irritability, and uncontrollable intrusive thoughts. Prairieland Counseling Services are here for you. Book your appointment today!​

  • Infertility

    Support when you need it most

    Infertility can be an extremely emotional process. Counseling can help support individuals, help couples reconnect, learn coping skills to manage procedures and wait times, and process next best steps. Call Today.

  • Couples

    Reconnect with who is most important

    You find yourself arguing more, not having as much fun together, feel like you just aren't connecting. Couples counseling can help those who are ready to reinvest in their most important relationship. Book Today!

  • Anxiety

    Get the most out of life

    Do you find your mind full of worry? Struggle to fall asleep because you can't stop thinking? Find your heart racing for no reason? Prairieland Counseling Fargo is here to give you the tools and techniques to a balanced and fulfilling lifestyle. . Book Today!

  • Depression

    Enjoy life again

    Are you struggling with feelings of sadness? Loss of motivation? No Energy? Not enjoying things you used to? Here at Prairieland Counseling Services  Fargo we can help you get back on track and enjoying life. Call now to schedule an appointment!

  • Video Counseling

    Change your life without changing your pajamas!

    Sometimes it is incredibly hard to make the time for counseling. Luckily Prairieland Counseling Fargo offers video counseling! See a counselor from the comfort of your home, office, or wherever you want! As long as you are located in North Dakota you are eligible for video counseling! Call Today!

“Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does”

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